5 Wonderful Gift Ideas For A Memorable 60th Birthday

By Danica Reynes

Make someone’s 60th birthday special and memorable with things like an assortment of 60th birthday gifts, a collector’s item, sixty recorded birthday wishes, memorabilia collection, or even a scrapbook that commemorates the past six decades.

Generally, birthday parties are treated as special occasions, but reaching one’s 60th birthday is a significant one. There are many unique and special gifts for a 60th birthday celebration.

A collection of memorabilia

Every person who celebrates a birthday has qualities that are unique to them, which can be a source for an idea for gifts. Assemble an assortment of items related to the person’s life, and use them to come up with one big birthday gift. The memorabilia collection may include the celebrant‘s old photos, and other things that may remember the year he was born like popular musicians, movies, books, magazines, news clippings, or photographs of famous people. These special touches will make the celebrant feel truly cherished. You can place the items in a gift box and include a short note expressing your wishes.

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An assortment of 60 birthday gifts

Surprise the guest of honor with an assortment of 60 birthday gifts. Get together with close friends and relatives and ask them to contribute especially memorable gifts that will really make the guest of honor want to dive right into those piles of presents. You might also want to include items such as a fancy paper that contains short endearing messages, books, food and even tiny knick-knacks.

A scrapbook filled with memories

Always remember that each year of our lives brings us its own unique set of blessings and special moments. Giving the celebrant a scrapbook filled with photos, letters and news articles from the past sixty years is another great way to commemorate his sixtieth year of life. To make it more beautiful, you can decorate the scrapbook with fancy paper, beads and other embellishments. Make sure to have extra blank pages for photographs or messages from the person celebrating the 60th birthday.

60-decade collector’s item

A rare collector’s item that represents the time period when he or she was born can be presented to the celebrant. The perfect 60th birthday present for a lady can be an antique tea set from the year or decade of her birth. For male celebrants, items like miniature model cars make interesting gifts. These rare items will make the celebrant feel that you really put extra effort into finding a gift and will give them a souvenir from the past.

60 recorded birthday wishes

Recorded on a special LifeOnRecord CD, you can give the celebrant sixty or more heartwarming thoughts, wishes and greetings. You can coordinate with the celebrant’s family and friends and ask them to leave special messages at the toll-free number provided by LifeOnRecord which will record the messages on CD. Within minutes, you could have a special personalized gift to show that special someone how valuable he or she is in your life.

Because there are countless gift ideas available, it is imperative that you take the time to find the present that will flawlessly reflect your birthday thoughts and wishes.

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